Thursday, March 20, 2008

Like . Real

While going through my hard disk in preparation for a format. I came across my sud-group's latest ICA presentation video on self esteem. The style of the video was inspire by the Channel News Asia's documentary 'Get Real'. So after much thought to the title of our 'show', AZ, with much pun intended, came up with the name 'Like Real'.

Though not the longest video I've made, it the most difficult and time consuming to me. The most ambitious on my to to come up with something resemble the real TV show, but using the bare minimum equipment and software.First we have to come up with the script that somehow fit into our case study: Joshua, 21 years old, contracted STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) through a one night stand. As a result, his self-esteem was greatly affected. Discuss how STI affects Joshua's self-esteem and how his parents may help to improve his self-esteem.

I know, i know the quality of the production sucks. But hey, it's meant only to look like the real thing, nothing fancy okay...

So, here's my list of equipment and software I've used for producing this video:

  1. A regular digital camera for filming.
  2. My Sonyericsson W850i for voice recording.
  3. Office Powerpoint for imaging 'cause I don't have and don't know how to use Photoshop.
  4. Some wave editor to convert the sound recording.
  5. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker for piecing everything together.
I'm not gonna talk on how I use them 'cause I'm too lazy to explain, but trust me, it would be easier if I have the proper training and equipment for this kinda things (I'm a future nurse, you see). Anyway, I like to thank all my dear sub group member. They have been very supportive for my wacky ideas. Thanks Peeps! AZ's girlfriend watched it and commented that it is so 'over'.

Well, it's suppose to be 'like real' what...

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