Monday, May 07, 2007

CY the Priceless

After my Sunday Routine (EVCO practice!), Damo, Xiu and I had a mission: Buy CY's birthday present.

After making CY assuming Xiu and I go 'Pak Tor', we procced to Simei to get the present: Nintendo DS Lite (DSL). Along the way, the three of us came up with a scheme to make CY earns his prize. Initialy, we wanna get the white coloured DSL with a pink coloured DSL's box. Sadly, the shop owner only have white DSL left. So we went to the gift shop and bought a pink box for the portable gaming console.

We even labeled the colour as pink too.


After bidding goodbye the DK, we then head to Tamipines mall to get a T-shirt for him. After looking through some design , we settle on this:

So sweet, girly and despo isn't it? Though, we thinking of getting the 'Sorry Girls, I'm gay.', but we decided to be nicer to CY. We meet up the rest of the gang at Bugis. While we gave him the presents, he force him to make a choice: Either he wear the T-shirt , or carry the pink box in his hands for the rest of the day.

If you ask me, I think it's, not a bad deal to get a free DSL. Some of us suggested to change the word 'PRICELESS' to 'HOPELESS' or 'MEANINGLESS'.


We went to V8, which situated at Bugis Junction, for our dinner. The food's not bad, though I find it rather salty. After dinner, we gossip for a while at BK before going home.

Seems like there's a lot of birthdays happening lately around me. Think my pocket will be burn to crsip...

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