Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is it worth all the trouble?

I believe that people who choose to stay in CO has either or both reasons: Passion for the music or the friends and cliques they found.

A classmate of mine once ask me why I choose CO as my CCA. If she ask me 7 years back, I'll reply her without hesitation that it's for passion and the good friends that I've met. But now, it feel more like an obligation. I don't feel so 'on' about CO like I used to. I guess it's due to the piling of stress from studies (ICAs, tests, skill test, ICAs, presentation... Did I mention ICAs?). In addition, I have to juggle between two orchestras.

To think I'll be busy with CO until August! *Faint*

Luckily my job in EVCO haven't start... yet. Lately, I don't feel so keen in going to my school's CO. I don't have the motivation I got in year one anymore. I don't get satisfaction from the things I does for the Oz trip too. As for the competition, I'm more worried 'bout the logistics than the pieces we're going to play.


I just hope no major hiccups will occur when we get there.

Anyone can tell me how to get rid of eyebags?

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