Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today, I've lost a friend to a car accident.

The news came to me as a shocker as he's only 18 years old. Even until this moment, part of me still can't accept the fact that he left us for good.

After my BCLS theory test, me and few of the NYPCO members took a cab to the Mandai crematorium to bid him farewell for the last time. The ritual was simple. After some chanting from a monk, everyone walked pass his coffin and then he will be cremated. There will be no funeral. The sad reality hits me suddenly as I walked him while holding back my tears.

He has really left us.

The scene at the viewing hall was heartbreaking. His mother weeped endlessly, while calling her son to come back home and not to go into the flame. By now, I could no longer stop my tears from rolling. His ashes will be scatter into the sea. His mother told me that he is still young and had not see the world enough. This way, she hope that he will be able to go anywhere he wants in his afterlife.

We return to school after the ceremony and gathered in the practice room. Mike gave a speech after 3 minutes of silence for our dear friend. He too had been devastated by this unfortunate event.

Though I'm not close to him, both of us will at least say hi-bye. At times, I'll tease him when the chance present. He's a cheerful chap. As what I can observed, he always brings happiness to those around him. Ever so energetic, so cheerful.

So full of life.

We have not only lost a good friend, but also a talented musician. What infuriates me is that he have to pay the price for someone else's mistake. However, what was done cannot be undone. We could only pray for him and his family members.

Farewell David. You will always be the member of NYPCO and EVCO. You will always be with us in our hearts.

May your soul find peace.

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Satsuki said...

Hi Bro,
Hope u r feeling better after 1 night rest.
Blessed that he will be better on the other side of the world.
Take care.