Friday, April 04, 2008

Back to TPCO Part II

And so, tonight marks the end of TPCO's annual concert. This year's production have quite a variety of different performance. We have Chinese Dancers, Sze Chuan Face Changing artiste, a singer, and alumni soloists. All were accompanied by TPCO, where the face changing artiste drew the most applause from the audience.

After the sound check, the director of this production gathered all the TPCO member to the audience seat. He announced to us that the feedbacks from yesterday's performance were very good. He also commented that the orchestra displayed an energetic and youthful spirit, and the soloist gave a wonderful performance. His speech seems sincere and I feel that it makes many motivated and ease the nervousness of them. I said many because some of us are already 'old bird'. Stage fright something that we had already overcome.

Wahahaha... *nose tilt up and laugh out loud*

Tonight's performance went on smoothly. I didn't get to take much photo because I'm too lazy to go snapping around. But I do get a chance to take some with my bubbly, fun-loving, fellow bassists.

Yong Sing, Lih Yee aka Lychee, Me aka Uncle Fester (according to Lychee)

Well done Peeps. Farewell. Until the next concert, take care.

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