Friday, April 25, 2008

Reaching the End.

Have you ever misses a place before even you're leaving it?

This is what I felt about my life in NYP on Wednesday night, after CO practice. I had to sent my classmates some power point slides before the night was over. So I stayed back for awhile, outside of LTK 2 to finish what I intended. It was a quiet, windless night. The benches outside of the LT were deserted as it's already reaching 10pm. As I was waiting the uploading to complete, while listening to Olivia Ong's 'First of May', something stirred inside of me.

In the beginning , I was afraid that I'll be an outcast of the class, like what I've experienced in my previous education institute. However, with the aid of Louise, I was slowly accepted and get along well wit the class. After Louise left us, I was 'involuntarily volunteered' by Jon to be the next class-rep. No one in my class object to it except me, of course. All I can say is that I don't hate the arrangement and I don't like it either. Personally, I don't think I've did a good job. However, I'm able the scrap by somehow.

By 1st year's 2nd semester, I've gotten closer to some of my classmates, especially Nana. Maybe it's due to the age difference, or the lack of it (though she claims that she is 'forever 21', she's actually older than me by 1 year. Wahahaha!). We helped each other a lot academically and sometimes emotionally. Indirectly, she and other also helped me to get comfortable around girls. You have to understand that before coming to NYP, I was in the Army. Other than the guys and the 'girls wannabe', I've got minimum contact with the opposite sex then.

Around the same time, I've lost 5kg and change from a countryman-look-alike to a Ang Mo/Malay/Pakistan look alike. But there's always people who thinks that I'm from china. It's a welcoming change as I feel more confident in myself. Of course, I'm still a long way from my ideal weight. 20kg away!

The things that I will miss...

Taking photos with my classmates in school.

Joking around with Aza during skills lab.

Fall asleep in lecture and having Nana to poke me awake to copy notes.

Having group meetings and doing 'filming' with my sub-groupmates.

Having 'Man's talk' with Sha and Aza in the north canteen, over a cup of teh-O.

Having Nana and Fifi scolding me 'idiot'.

Teasing Da about her height. Eg, can't see anything below my eye-level.

Staying back in the library until 9pm to enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Walking down SHS pathway with Nana and the rest of the gang.

Walking down SHS level 2 pathway that full of SHS students(mostly girls in mini shorts).

These are some of the stuff I can think of for now. I feel very fortunate to be in the tutorial group that I'm in now. And in couple of months from now, my life as a student will come to a stop. Not long after that, I'll become a full-fledged nurse. My classmates and I will go on our separate ways. Though as stress as it is, school life in NYP is one of the most enjoyable phase in my life so far.

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