Monday, May 05, 2008

Random Thought: Less not equals to more. More not equals to more.

My Mum recently told me this, "I've bought these low cholesterol eggs. So now you can take more."


That doesn't mean that I can eat more eggs without having the worry about Congestive Heart Failure. Lets say these modified eggs contain 50% less cholesterol than the normal eggs. And lets say that in normal circumstances, I'll just take one eggs due to health consciousness (I'm not, really. I say it just for illustration purposes). And because of the '50% less' label, I happily ingest 4 eggs, I take in 50% percent MORE cholesterol that I normally take. So it really defeat the whole purpose of being health conscious.

Some goes for those stuff with low in whatever and high in something. If you see any cooking oil label 'low cholesterol', it's crap. Once you take in any form of fats or oil, your own body will produce cholesterol.

Oh, one other thing, remember the Dove body soap advertisements shown recently? It says that other body soap contains like one small teaspoon of moisturizer while they claim that their's now has 60% more. Sound like a big improvement eh?


If my interpretation is correct, they mean that they have 60% more compare to their competitors. That means each bottles contain barely two teaspoons of moisturizer!

What am I get to with all this rubbish that I've talked about?

Advertisements are bullshit.

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