Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Task Force Wayang

Finally after all the assessments, presentations and proposal deadlines, I get to sit down in my ever-so noisy school library (imagine peeps playing cards games and scream here and there) to chill with my two classmates and blog before more exams, presentations and assessments begin. Okay, enough of my whining. This time, I'll talk a bit ' bout my sub-groupmates.

My class are divided into 4 sub groups, each having either 5 or 6 members. Mine used to have 7 of us but 2 left our class (Louise! I miss you! We all miss you!) during our 1st year. My sub-group consist of 2 guys and 3 gals: Aza and me. Val, Fifi and Dan2.

Each of us play a different role. While we're consider the slacker in our sub-group, Aza and I are the one that came up with most of the crazy ideas and implement them. When we banged into problems, 2 of us will analyse where or what went wrong and rectify them. Val and Dan2 are the quite ones, but they are the ones that do most of the hardcore research and at time sees things the rest of missed.

As for Fifi, I thought of her as the matriarch of our tiny group. Like a typical person whose zodiac sign is Dragon, she can be quite authoritative, minus the aggressiveness. Without her, things won't get done. Aza and I will always get nag by her as we always take our time to do things. Amid the differences of our character, Fifi and I are good friends and she is the one I'm closest to in my class.

For a group made up of the Slackers, the Brains and the Matron, I say we produced quite good results in our projects and presentations throughout the past 2 years. I've really enjoy working with them and I sure I still will for the rest our remaining school life...

This photo was taken at the corridor of the lecturers' office. The more I look at it, the more I do not think we're from Nursing course. While we were snapping like nobody business, one of the Module coordinator came in from the main entrance. I thought she will stop us from taking photo. but instead she said, "Aiyo. Why take photo here? Go outside take la. There got better scenery."

"But outside very hot leh..." I replied.


On monday, we had our presentation on Community Nursing Module. We're suppose to come up with a programme on responsible family procreation and produce a proposal on it and present it to the 'sponsors'. However, we won't be implementing the programme at all. What all this module is about is the teach us on how to go about planning a health programme, that's all. Up until now, the song that I sang during my NS life keeps replaying in my head.

Wayang ah, wayang ah, wayang wayang!

Wayang ah, wayang ah, wayang wayang!

You say I wayang ah you also wayang ah.

Actually, everybody wayang wayang!

Really describe what I've been doing eh? Most of my friends wondered why do I need to do which thing in Nursing.

So do I. So do I...

We decided to go with the 'corporate' look so as to be more convincing. Each of us plays a particular position: Fifi as the Chairwoman, Val the Secretary, Dan 2 the Financial Advisor, Aza as the Marketing Manager and lastly, me, as the Logistics Executive. That sums up our 'Task Force'.

Even though we dressed up for the occasion, our presentation was far from perfect. Our classmates points out some key points that we had missed out and we tried to give rationales on why we did so. In other words, we're trying to cover our tracks.


Actually, I'm glad that they questioned us. It really helped us to see the things we missed out. At least the lecturer who assessed us seems impress by our presentation. She told us that she won't give us a bad grade for our efforts. So I assume it will be at least a 'B' but I really hope it's an 'A'.

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