Monday, February 12, 2007

A Tired Week, A Beautiful Sunday

A collage for all my buddies in EVCO. It has been around seven years already eh? Here's to our friendship, 老朋友!

Man... I feel real tired after the performance. I do not have the drive like I used to have anymore... But though we're tired, DK, Xiu and I went to Far East to meet up with the Zheng Bro. Gang for some last minute clothes shopping (we didn't really go shopping. Xiu went to be thier fashion consaultant. DK and I are like her bodyguard. Hahaha...).

When we reached there, I surprised to see lots of familiar faces: around 15 of them! It's like there's gonna have a gang fight lah! Hahaha...

After we're done in Far East, the Zheng Bro. Gang proceed to Hereen while me and Xiu went to Watson to as she needs to buy some stuff. The next thing I knew was I'm looking at pads. 'You should handle these stuff at attachment, right?' Xiu said.

Wah liao... what I always helped patient to put on are adult daipers lah! Where got wings one!?!


Attachment is over!

It has been a friutful 3 weeks. Ive learned lots of stuff and experience. Some good, many sad. AZ and I come to realised that Life is really fragile. Some came in for major illness, but later ound out that they got other more serious problems... A few patients passed away during our posting to the ward. Some seems fine during the weekdays but over the weekends, thier conditions deteriorates... and they moved on. There's one uncle which is my favoratie patient that I always talked to. He'll always ask me have I eaten.

But by the last week of my attachment, he became like another person. He seldom talks. Most of the time he would be staring at the ceiling. Once, he asked me to bring him down to the ground floor because he thought he had to go cook. He's in the hospital. Why would he need to cook? Other times he would refer himself in third person...

Real sad...

Ok, enough of depressing stuffs. That's all for now. Too lazy to write more.



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