Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changes in me

While I was cleaning up my drawer, I came acrossed some photos of my old self:

The above photo was taken when I was in primary school. Ah... The age of the innocence... Yup, I was sure nerdy back then. Hey, I still have that specs with me! Then I found another taken during my trip to Melborne with TPCO.

Ya ya... I've grown quite a bit then... I think this was taken when I was in sec 4.

But the most shocking photos are the these taken during one of the X'mas:

OH MY GOSH! Is that me?

Man! What happened to me since then!?!?!?!

Sure I look a bit gay back then, but look how slim I was compared to now! Depressing sia...

That's it. I'm gonna slim down now.

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