Friday, February 02, 2007

I smell crap

Today's been a 'off-form' day. Maybe it's due to the case study that I have to hand in by today. Fortunately, I'm able to finish it within four hours before I went to work.

The past two weeks went by swiftly. I've gotten use to the ward and the staff there. I also came to realise that most of the staff are a bit 'mad'.

I understand why now.

In order to stay survive in this kinda hectic enviroment, one has to be insane to stay... well, sane. Sounds illogical? I guess I am. Looks like I'm soon becoming one of them....


I've met two interesting cases during these time. One is a dementia old men, who's on restraint order. He can't walk, but will always tried to climb out of the bed. So we have to restrain him on his bed so that he will not suffer from any injury from fall. When got caught, he will deny what he did and find all sorts of reasons to get outta it. Let's name him 'Act Blur 1' (AB1).

Other is an old man who came in for asthma. He can't control his bowel and bladder at times and had pee and crap on the floor on many occasions. He likes to walk ard the ward, thus crap all over the place. Everyday, we have to change the bed sheet and he's clothes for him at least five times. He too likes to deny what he did. Let's name him 'Act Blur 2'.

AB1 and AB2 soon became good friends. Whenever AB2 been restraint, AB1 will try to untie the restrainer. They well talk during the night, making other patients unable to have a good night's sleep.

Today, AZ and I get the chance to restrain AB2 before we end our shift. When we start, AB1 came to the rescue.

While tying the restrainer...

AB2: (In hokkien) What are you doing?

RX: We're trying to prevent him from falling off the bed and injured himself.

AB2: Oh... But why tied up his hand?

RX: So he won't climb out of the bed. If he fall again, he'll have to stay longer in the hospital. Same goes for you. If you fall and injured, you'll have to stay longer in the hospital. And if you goes around and keep disturbing people, we may also need to put you on restrain. You understand?

AB2: (Trying to be sarcastic) I understand what you're saying. But I dunno what you said are true or not.

RX: (Shurgs) Well, you can try and test us to see if we will restrain you lor...

AB2: (Backing away a bit) .......

AB1: Eh Missy ar... I want to call my wife.

RX: Why you wanna call her?

AB1: I want her know that I'm here.

RX: Oh, I called her just now. She knows that you're here, ok?

AB1: (Fustrated look) .....

Of course, he's just finding excuses to get the restrainer off, so I told a white lie to him. You may think I've been mean to them. I know I must have empathy for them. But sometimes you have to be firm or else they'll climb over you head. Last night after work, AZ and JB told me I've been to soft on the patients. That's why I'm the one who always get the crap (both literally and non-literally) from the patients.

No more 'Mr Nice Guy' for you two, AB1 and 2, until you play nice.


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