Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headless Chicken


That's what I felt during the first two days of my attachment back to SGH. This time round, I've been assigned to a different area. Although it still a C class ward, it's much more hectic than the previous one that I'm in.

I have to re-familiarize with the layout of the place, where are the equipments found, and the different culture and way of things get done. Got once, I had to went around the whole ward just to find, the-and-only, Pulse Oxymeter.

Felt like a headless chicken running around...

Culture Shock~~~

But slowly, I'm adapting to it. Compare to the previous posting, this time round I get more chances to do more procedures. The staff there are friendly and helpful towards the Student Nurses.

Here, we'll encounter many different kinda cases and patients. Cases that involves the Police, cases from IMH, cases from the prison, so on and so forth. There are more cases that need extra care from the nurses. Some are even highly dependant.

One of my lecture group-mate had already performed Last Office on her first day. Don't know should I consider her lucky or damn suay... Of course, it's always a bad thing when someone dies, but for us, Student Nurses, it's not a common thing to encounter. Moreover, we are still Year One Students.

At least I don't see any 'His Majesty'-like patient here (read my 2006 September post to know more about him).


Well, I'm glad that I've been posted to here. I'm sure I'll gain a lot of experience throughout my three weeks stay at the ward.

Glad that Girl Friend are doing better now. 加油! 加油!

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