Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lunch at Waraku

After a long and tiring sunday practice, My EVCO's Kaki decided to have our lunch at Waraku. It's been a while for my EVCO's Kakis and I have a decent meal together. Really, miss those days where we would go to Sakae to stuff ourselves with sushi and Salmon Sashmi. We went to Sakae so many times that each of us were able to apply the VIP cards (each application need $300 spent dining in within 2 months. Hardcore, we were...!). I still remeber once, I went to ave dinner with Xiu only and we manage to eat until $80 plus. Crazy eh? But now, we've upgraded to a better standard japanese crusine.


Most of us had the same thing: Gindara Kaninabe Set (Cod Fish Paper Steamboat) and Udon and Pork Cutlet Set. The soup base for the Kaninabe is nice (we had the clear and spicy soup base), but it tends to get saltier as the steamboats continue to boil. The pork cutlet set are quite big, thus Xiu, as usual, can't finish it. So Hung, Sensei Ong, and I need to be the Trashmasters for her.

While having our meal, we did what we all like most: Gossiping. We talked about people in the CO, how they don't like us and we how we don't like them, What are we gonna for our Concert Master's wedding gift, how much cheaper is to dye and perm your hair in Malaysia then in Singapore, when are we having our own little 'quality BBQ', and about how younger generation are being more vocal.

Too vocal.

Many don't have the basic respect for their seniors and elders. Some are worse when they come from rich family. I guess time has changed. Gone are those days where the seniors talk, the juniors listen. Respect are something of the past, outdated.

Of course, not all are the same. Most of my fellow NR0629-eans still have the basic respect. Though some like to disturb me by keep poking me or rub my bald head, but I still can take it...
For now.

After the lunch, the others soon went thier seperate ways, leaving Hung, Sensei Ong, Xiu and me wandering around City Hall. Until dinner time, we went to we went to this food outlet called '新旺', which sells Hong Kong Crusines. Food's quite good, too bad I can't finish my pork cutlet curry rice. According to Sensei Ong, acua Hong Kong curry are thicker and stronger in taste. The one here are a bit too sweet for my liking.
Ok. That's all. Few more hours to my One-Week-Long-Ordeal. Someone SAVE ME~~~!

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