Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fishy Day

Alright! Got a nice new wallet from Topman today. It was given to me by Louis as my be-lated Birthday present. I think he intend to give it to me last Sunday, but I wasn't around, due to my injured knee.

Thanks Lu Yi Si, I like it a lot.

After practice (yes, I go to EVCO for practice almost every Sunday. It's like going to church for me), the Xiu, the Hu Qin Bro and me went to The Manhattan Fish Market at PS to have our dinner.

We were quite surpirsed that Kang offered to treat us the big platter, 'cause he used to be quite calcualtive. Hahaha...Thanks Kang. The food tasted quite similar to Fish and Co. but the portion are a bit smaller. I find the garlic butter rice are too strong for my taste.

After dinner, we went shopping around PS then went our seperate ways.

Tomorrow is the day. Returning to SGH!

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