Monday, January 01, 2007

Last Lunch of the Year, eat, eat, eat!!!

Happy New Year Peeps!!!

So what's so good about the new year?

Dunno, we'll see lor


The last day of my 2006 was spent at Suntec. I met up with 'Old Frens Gang' in the afternoon to have lunch with Form Teacher and her daughter. Location: Tonkichi. It's located at the basement of Suntec. The food there is very nice. I had the curry with pork chop. I thought the curry was a bit salty, but still within acceptable range. the sashimi is also very fresh too. Service was not bad. But there's a few new staff working, so the a bit blur. Hahaha...

After lunch, we went to watch 'Night at the Museum'. Bought two huge packet of popcorn and a large ice tea for myself.


We have tea break at this cafe which is near the koi pond, can't remember the name. After biding farewell to Form Teacher, we have our dinner at the Phil's, which is at Tampines Mall.

Eat again.

And now, while blogging and MSNing with the rest of the Gang on the next makan outing, I'm having a big bowl of 'chin chow' next to my notebook.

Yup, I ate through my New Year Eve...

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