Sunday, December 24, 2006

红楼梦 in Christmas season...

Merry Christmas everyone.

So where did I spent my weekend?

In Esplanade, again.

This time, I'm involved in the "Dream of the Red Chamber" Grand Concert, which is on Saturday. This is the first time I get to perform the whole Dream of the Red Chamber Suite, with chior and vocalist.

But it was tiring~~~

I think is because I do get much sleep, and some pieces are a bit long winded.

During our break, my ex-campmates and I went to Marina Square to watch 'Curse of the Yellow Flower'. Not a bad show, not also not a good one. The conclusion we came up is: Jay Chow can't act. Hahaha... I took a photo of the decor they had at the Centre Stage:

Very nice. Look like a bunch of gigantic grapes hanging from the ceiling. We came across this lamp when we make our way back to Esplanade:

Interesting eh? IT COST 155 BUCKS SIA!!! I can like buy 30 plus Happy Meals with the money lor!

Actually, I felt quite stress during during the actual perfomance. 'Cause it's been a while for me to perform with so many '高手' and a professional conductor that keep staring at my section whenever he's giving us queues. Of course, it's also very shiok too as it is also been a while for me to hear solid sound of cellos playing (too much gehu for me liao...). Hahaha.... This is the best Red Chamber Suite I've perform so far.

However just before the last piece, the emcee asked the composer of the suite to the stage and begun to interview him. I think they talked at least for 15 minutes before we could carry on with the programme. I almost fell asleep on the stage man...

After the perfomance, I bid farewell to my mates and went back home to get my much needed sleep. I was so sleepy that I missed my stop again when I took the bus home... Arugh!!!

As for today, it been the routine: Went to EVCO for practice, lunch with my pals, watched 'Night in the Museum' and went home...

Lonely, lonely Christmas... Lonely, lonely Christmas...

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