Friday, December 01, 2006

Today is Sweating Day

Today, in the morning, I went back to EVCO to help Xiong & Co. moving all the camp stuff up the lorry. Initially, we expect around 10 peeps to come. But in the end, only 6 peeps, including me, were left to arrange and transport all the things to the camp site. Well. actually I didn't carry much thing 'cause I was at the lorry arranging all the equipment.

Hey, don't think that I'm slacking and it's easy to stack all the junks onto the lorry hor. You must have an good sense of spatial awareness to do this so that all the equipement won't going flying all over the place when the lorry moves. I literally sweat like running tap lah! Ok, maybe it's a little drama, but it's almost there. I was quite please with how I arrange all the stuff in the lorry. G.G. peeps! Hahaha...

After packing all the P.O.S. onto the lorry, I went back to school to print some stuffs and also to check out how my fellow NR0629-eans are faring for thier practical test. And yes, All of them pass it! Congrats to Bel, Ash, Ling and Raf!

After parting with them, I went to print my document and went back home to prepare to go for a wedding dinner at 'Yong Chun Yuan' (永春园), situated around People's Park, Chinatown. When we reached there, I'm sweating again. 'Cause the freaking air-con is like no power and I'm drinkng wine.

Getting ready for the Three Cheers. Yam~~~ Seng~~~! 

My Mom keeps complianing that the she need to to eat in order to move the chairs, 'cause it's very heavy. In the end I need to push the chiar in and out for her. (MORE SWEAT~~~) The food is not bad... but it's not good either, but still can eat lah. Hahaha... After everything, we bid farewell the the Newly-Wed and took a cab home.

Ok, I need my sleep now, I feel dizzy man... Too... much... re... red.... w... win.... ZZZZZzzzzzz......

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