Sunday, December 17, 2006

X'mas BBQ

Yesterday had beed a great day for me, other than forgetting there's practice in the morning.


So after the practice, I've to fly home to get all the BBQ stuff (charcoal, ice box, tumbler... Bailey's~~~!) and fly to White Sand to meet up with Baox to buy the F&Bs. The Fi and the rest of NR0629-eans came a bit late though, so the two of us had to carry the stuff around with us.

After we get all the things we want, Raf and his bro-in-law helped us transport all of it to the BBQ site. As the car was not big enough to fit the 7 of us, we took the bus instead. When I reach there, Raf and Sharke were attempting to start the BBQ fire. Yes, attempting. Can't blame them, the charcoal we used are different from what we normally use.

You can buy it online through this website. This type may take longer time to lit up, but it also last a bit longer. It doesn't produce much smoke compare to the normal charcoal.

Strong, lasting flame

We exchange gift and cut the birthday cake for the December Babies at around 9 plus. I got a chain which resembles a mini DS Lite and a T-shirt S&K from Fi. Thanks Fi!!! I like it very much.

Memories of the Good Times

By 11 plus most of the Peeps went home, leaving only Raf and GF, Ash, Ron, Da, and me staying over night and do the cleaning up. By around midnight, the wind and the rain began to pick up. So we moved everything to a pavillion nearby. Now I know how those homeless Peeps felt lor!!! There's nothing to shelter us from the blating cold wind sia... I had to drink finish my Bailey's jus to keep warm. By the time we're returning home, I'm a bit drunk liao.

Yo Peeps! It's been fun. Let's do it agian some time soon eh?


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