Tuesday, December 05, 2006

EVCO Camp 2006

Yo Peeps.

First of all, I'll like to thank my fellow NR0629-eans for their concerns over my health for the past few days. Thanks peeps! I'm so touched~~~

*taking Eye-Mo to fake tears*

My weekend was spent in the Punggol Point Camp, where it's located at the outskirt of Punggol, for EVCO's Annual Music Camp. Here's some scenery I took from the place:

Quite eriee hor... I heard there's a cemetry around there somewhere... So what do we do most of the time?

Yup, for most of the time on Saturday, we watched anime. DK, Pong, Xiong and me watched through Trinity Blood, from the 1st episode to the last,
ALL 24 OF THEM!!! Quite no life eh? Hahaha...

Bo Bian... There's only a few of us in the camp during Saturday. Many say they not coming at the last minute... Waste our time and the food... But some were because they are invovled in a performance. For some reasons, I always fall sick whenever go to punggol for camp. This time, it's the worst so far. So throughout the camp, I didn't help out much except to lay around and walk aimlessly around the camp site.

By night fall, the rest of the Gang, including many new faces from MF and MJ, came down to the joint. By then, Ma and her trusted assistant chefs had cooked up fried rice (made from leftover rice packets from the day) to handle all the 恐龙s' and Mini Devils' hunger.

On Sunday, we slack for the morning. Afternoon we had our practice, then the games begin. Check out the video clip I've made from the photos taken during the gaming time:

Why I'm not in the pictures? 'cause I escaped from getting drenched by being the photographer! At night was the BBQ, where the good food and drinks are served! But I didn't get to eat much 'cause by then I'm getting quite sick. I did manage to down half a bottle of Hoegarden though. Hahaha... While BBQing, we manage to get hold of some fireworks to make 'rocket launchers'. But not one of it did manage to lift off. All we mange to do was producing nice sound effect. Hai...

On Monday after transporting all the P.O.S. back to the CC, we, the Sai Gang Warriors took some more photos before we leave the place.

Come to think of it, this is the first EVCO camp that I don't feel burnout after camp break. Apart from being sick, this camp is quite slack. Hahaha...

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