Saturday, September 08, 2007

Posting, Over and Out.

Horray! I've survived another attachment!

*give a pat to on my shoulder by myself*

As messy as the ward may be, I’m glad that the staffs in the ward are approachable and helpful. Amongst their hectic work load, they still answer my questions and let me do some minor procedure such as, NGT feeding and oxygen therapy. Many Staff Nurses in the ward are fresh new grads. So most of them are also need to be assess by more senior staffs. I guess graduation is just the beginning of all things to come...

Other than us, NYP students, there's the ITE students as well. Many Peeps have an impression that ITE students are composed of delinquents, but I dare to differ. These group of nursing students are diligent and know their stuff well. Some know more 'bout basic care than me. And they don't look like the Ah Beng, Ah Lian we see in the streets. I feel fortunate to be able to work with them.

ITE does not means 'It's The End'.

I agrees with what KY said: ITE means 'It's The Enlightenment'.

Of course, there's exceptions (read here and here for NYP's) from both institutions.

One of the ITE guy can communicate with most of the patients well, but he seems quite lost when it comes to the ward's routine. Though he does help out in the ward, but only when being asked to. Sometimes things were either done half way or never at all. In my opinion, he's either real forgetful (I thought I'm the worst), or he's just lazy.

Since the first day of the posting, AZ and the other ITE guys have been eyeing one of the NYP year one student. They complain that I didn't have time to chit-chat with them because I've been busy taking care of her. Sure, I've been helping her, but I too busy attending to my patients' needs most of the time. And when GF was there for the second half of our posting, AZ again complain that I only hang around the student bay when she came.

That, I don't deny. Hahaha...

The patients in my room are not as difficult to handle as the other previous posting. Many of them are under palliative care. On my first day, I talked to a Indian patient in my room. He seems friendly and well orientated to his surroundings. So I thought, well, this should be an easy case to handle.

Man, how wrong could I've been.

Few days down the road, he keeps absconding from the ward. He gets violent, especially towards female staffs, when ever we try to stop him from leaving the ward or his requests were not done promptly. Even his female kin not spared from his wrath. There was once he even reach his home and demand to be let in. Eventually, he was brought back to the ward by one of his son.

This time round, I've got a strict CI. Though stern at times, she do helps us to look out for procedures to be performed. She explains in detail the rationales of the procedures and share she experiences with us. During a wound dressing procedure, I took a very long time to prepare all the equipment.

As I have not done this procedure for around half a year, I fumbled here and there. Half way through, she took over as I’ve broke sterility and the patient begins to get impatient. As expected, I got a lecture from her, but she gave me a second chance. This time round, I’m more composed and I managed to complete the procedure under her guidance.

Friday was our last day, and also our busiest. As it's the last day of weekday (TGIF!), AZ's room experienced the 'Kampong Phenomenon '. One of his patient had the whole family and relatives visiting him. Thus, the place it's cramped with adults. Kids are running around the ward like it's there own backyard. Once, I almost banged into one of them while carrying a urinal.

Sometimes I feel like telling them,'Oei boy! You think your grandfather own the hospital ar!? Run here run there like nobody business. Smack you backside then you know! And you all! Think what? Zoo here ar? Bring your whole family on a tour and picnic ar? The room very small leh! You think only you all visiting ar? Got other patient's relative also leh. Be more considerate and take turn to come into the room, 2 to 3 people at a time lah. '

Of course, I didn't say all that to them. Heck, I'm too busy with other stuff to even talk to them!

After our shift, I bid farewell the patient and thanked the Staffs for their guidance. Before I finally left the ward, I transfered one of patient back to his bed for the last time. After making him comfortable. He took my hand and squeezes tightly.

'Thanks for your care in the past two weeks.' He said.

'There's no need to thank me. It's my duty to care for patients. Anyway, hope we will meet again. But I'll meet you outside of the hospital okay?' I replied.

Tears start to rolled down his cheeks. 'I don't think I'll make it...'

'Don't say that, Uncle. You have to me more optimistic. Besides, the nurses and doctors here will help you to recover...'

'I know... but... hai...'

'Think positive, Uncle. Think positive. The nurses are very good. they will definitely take care of you. I've got to go now Uncle. Bye and take care.'

I left the ward with a heavy heart. Most of my patients are on palliative care, which means relieving or soothing the symptoms their disease or disorder without effecting a cure for them. In other words, many of them are wait for the Inevitable. I do wish for his recovery. But if he doesn't, that means I've gave him false hope. I'm not sure what I said to him is the right thing for him.

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I feel that we as nurses should not get too emotional and attachment to the patient. If we do, someday we will have too much 'emotion baggage' to clear and may collapse or breakdown due to them.

But it's easier said than done.


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