Saturday, April 07, 2007

Survived, I did.

Yes, I've been super lazy to blog lately.

Sorry Peeps.

This week's thursday marks my last day of my 3 weeks attachment. Been quite tired 'cause most of the time I'm doing squats.


'Cause of SMU.

No it's not Singapore Management Uni. It's Safe Measure Urine. Most of the patients warded to my room went for some surgery concerning their bladder function. After the sugery is done, they need to have bladder washout to prevent any blood clots remain in the wound. So we need to have thier urine bag drained every hour and monitor their conditions.

This time round, the patients I've handled are much more easier then the previous ward. Most of them are more educated and nicer. The Staff Nurses there are very friendly and helpful too. Some are quite pretty too...

Anyway, most of my mates complained that it's quite boring cause there's not much things to do. But for me, most of the time I'm either doing hourly parameters, draining urine, talking to patients, listening to the staff gossiping, or talk crap with the other fellow Nursing Students. I managed to do staple removal for a patient of mine (it's like stiches, but the surgeon uses staple instead). I even get it encounter my first emergency case. One moment I was doing the patient's parameters, the next thing I know, all the doctors and nurses came rushing in to resucitate the patient.

He was doing fine while Im' taking he's parameters. Then he complians of discomfort at the bladder region. Then he began to sweat profusly and also collapse.

It made me think how life is so unpredicable...

During our attachment, we have to do a case study and present it. What we need to do is to interview a patient. Then we will find out what nursing care we can provide him or her. We also need to find out what are the illness their having and do up a brief explaintion on it. For example, what is what is heart attack, the causes of it and the treatment for it.

I've assigned this task to one of my group mate and I've given her 4 days to do it. This is the most easy part. What we can just go on net to search for the information, copy and paste and do a little editing and we're done. This is what we did for the past attachment. However, all she gave me was a hyperlink.


I might as well do it myself (which I did) lah!

I've told my other groupmates that I plan to submit just the hyperlink to our lecturer, but A. said we should talked to her first. When we confronted her, she did not even know 'bout the hyperlink as she asked her friend to do for her.


So your internet at home was down and you're not free during weekends but you still can go school to do it right? 4 days leh!


I'm just glad all went well for us during the presentation. Well, at least I'm quite please with my stickman.

Now, I have one more week of Hols before Hell starts...

Enjoy while it last fellow NR0629-ians...

Heard it from GF. What I predict has happened. Hai... 情为何物。。。?

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