Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Okasan? Okasan!

I've just realise that I didn't blog about my favorite pastime before.

So here it is.

Last night, I've just finished re-watched anime, Scrapped Princess. There's a scene where the main female character, Pacifica Casull, was thrown into a prison, followed by her mother, the Queen, who was imprisoned in the next cell. They never met each other since Pacifica's birth. Later, the Queen came to know of Pacifica's identity and also her amnesia.

At the brink of the Queen's death, she asked Pacifica to call her 'Mother'. Pacifica refused at first, as she feels that if she did it, the Queen will definetly dies. However as her mother did not responses to her cries, Pacifica finally calls out to her. The scene ends with the sunlight shines through from the small window above the mother's cell on to her. While The Queen fades away, Pacifica tries to stretch her hands to reach for her mother through a small opening in the wall seperating thier cells.

This scene is really tragic and shows how Fate can be so twisted. Both character longs to reunite with each other. Both acknowlegded one another, but only the main characther did not know that who she longed for were actually by her side.

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