Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fever! Oh Fever~~~!

School has started but I don't feel like I'm in the second year of my course. My classmates commented that I've change quite a bit. Yes, I've slim down a little and gotten tanned. But I don't feel that great. Hid commented that I look fiecre.

Maybe it's because the hols' mood still haven't worn out. Or maybe it's the 'position' that I've been called. Sometimes I feel that it is a mockery to me as I've become someone that I'm not. It's like telling me,"Hey RX, that's how far you can go. Nothing more."

Well, the fortune teller told me that this year I'll get somewhat pessimistic and short-tempered.

Take it easy...

Today is the last day of the Club Crawl(is this 'Crawl', Peeps?) and Probotz was quite 'Emo-ing', so he called himself, after the perfomance. The logistic side somehow screwed up and he told me he's gonna get it big time in the meeting. Hope all's okay for him.

To Probotz: Hey man, don't give up 'kay? Take it as a learning experience.

In the last lecture for today, I've humiliated myself in front of the whole lecture theatre. The lecturer was giving out prizes for answering his questions. GF wanted the plastic file, so raised up my hand without thinking twice. In the end the whole lecture group had to help me with the answers as I fumble real badly.


This is what happens when you try to impress the ladies while being a smartass... But at least I got the file.


Hmmm... 38 degree celsius! No wonder I'm not thinking straight.

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