Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not in the mood... Yet.

During the practice, I gotten pretty restless as I spent half of the time listening to other practising thier part. During my secondary school days, I can sit or stand there for few hours without complaining. But now I tend to get impatient if I am not playing for a time. Hai... I thought people suppose to get more patient as they age?

But from what I heard so far, some still haven't grasp the seriousness of the matter. Our main objective in going Sydney is competition, leisure is secondary. Maybe they haven't seen M's wrath yet. Come to think of it, I haven't seen his 'dark side' for quite some time... Anyone seen a conductor's score fly before?

But we have 2 more months Peeps, 加油!


After the practice was over, I head to the bookshop to buy my books. Man... the queue is damn long lor... Like there's a sale going on. So I went back to the practice studio to help Reginx tune the cellos for the coming Club Crawl and wait til 2 pm before going back to buy. My hands are all sore from turning the cellos' pegs. Hate those with too much rosin on them. They won't budged! Ok, enough of my whinning.

Two more days to school reopens and I'm still in holiday mode.


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