Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pink and Purple

It's been a slow week. I still feels somewhat lethargic. Maybe I still have not recover from my gastric flu yet.

After the Sunday Practice at EVCO, Xiu, Ying and I went to AMK Hub to have our lunch. Initialy, we wanna eat in Sakae Sushi, but Xiu 'die die' don't wanna go the Bishan. So we went there to try our luck. In the end, we settled for a Hong Kong style eating outlet in the basement.

Bad Choice.

I paid $5.80 for a fried rice contianing some shrimps(they're too small to be consider prawns and too big to be 'hei be hiam') and some Char Siew bits.

Waste of money.

After that, we bid farewell to Ying and proceed to MS to meet the rest of The Gang. I drop by at the Coffee Club to see if Fi and Ade were working. Unfortunately, only Ade was around. She commented that I looked more Malay in pink. Thanks Ade, I guess...

While we were resting our feet in the foodcourt, I took out my camera and started to do some '自拍'.

Xiu complained that the photos made her look chubby. I thought they are okay. Gals don't look good when their too skinny.


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