Sunday, November 12, 2006

Black Sunday

Why Black Sunday you ask?

'Cause the fluorescent light in my room burnt out, my computer is acting wierd and my internet connection is super slow. So I need to go to McDees to use their network in order to liase with Fi. So now I'm working in a place where there's lot of children crying in and running around!!!

But all these are not the main reason that make tonight a (other than it's night time now) Black Sunday for me.

Fi and I have to reorganise our assignment's powerpoint because for Someone is not doing a proper job.

It's in a mess. All the slides are jumbled up!

The article that I'm doing really giving me a headache. I can't think of much reason why it is relavent to the topic we're doing.

I really hope we could get through this presentation.

'Wait, it IS 'Parish Nursing' all over again...'

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