Sunday, November 26, 2006

A day with the newly Grads

After the practice at CSCO (which I 'pong' half-way), I rushed down to VTH to attend Ah Mui's and Stuckup's graduation ceremony. We took some photos at the VTH.

Of course, with Stuckup and me around as the photographer, there won't be without some 'arty' pictures.

Eh! You throw your square hat too high la!

Meow actually forgot about thier graduation ceremony. Why, 'cause she overslept.

Some freind she is...

After some fooling around at VTH, we proceed to the Supreme Court for more photo taking.

And more 'arty' photos taken by me.

Stuckup's childhood dream is to be a lawyer... Nah...

Hmm... Ah Mui is right, Botak take photo not nice. Hahaha...

I'm so proud of you two. Meow, you're next wor...!

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