Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello peeps...

My group is having Socio ICA (for those who don't know what it is: Trust me, you don't wanna know) presentaion. We come up with a role-play to present our two article: Nurses going to see a psychiatrist, and me play the Doc's role named Dr. Bowlan Chow (think Hokkien...).

My character's job is just sit there, smile, and listen. Really do nothing right?


After the role play, we're bombarded with questions by Bel. Luckily Aza saves the day for us. Now you all may think she's been nasty, but Bel's actually buying time for us as we're running a little too fast. Thanks Bel! While we're lingering putside the tutorial rooms, my classmate took interest in my big glasses. Some worn it and took pictures.

Maybe these kinda glasses may made a comeback eh?

As we're walking to attend lecture, I realise Aza and I are like 黑白配. Him being darker wearing all white and I being fairer wearing all black. It's like the Devil wearing Angel's siut while the Angel wearing the Devil's suit... Only that both of us are neither.

While we're at the lab, we decided to do more of our own role play:

*Playing Star Wars theme at the back ground*

Long, long time ago, in a ward far, far far away. Two health care personnel are handling a great crisis they had yet encounter...

Aza: Doc! Miss Dummy is complaining of chest pain... Again!
RX: Hai... Ok, ok. I'll see what I can do...

*Checking the dummy...*

RX: Uhm... Ah Hah! You will be fine Miss. I'll give you some medication to relive your pain ok?

*Whispering to Nurse...*

RX: Eh Brudder... Next time just give her M&Ms when she complains of chest pain lah! I very Busy one ok!

Aza: Oh so sorry Doc....

Will they ever find a cure for the chest pain? Will the nurse give M&Ms to Miss Dummy? We will never know as there won't be anymore episodes coming up...


*Star Wars theme fading away*

Of course real doctors and nurses won't be so unprofessional lah... School work very stress leh... Need to relak right? So who says nurses are boring, nerdy bunch of peeps?

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