Saturday, November 11, 2006

Paracetomol, Paracetomol, Antacid

All right, all right...

For those who feels my blog is collecting dust,

I am sorry.

I am sorry that I can't clean off the dust that appears to be the fragment of your hallucination with my mouse.



I need some inspiration to blog what... 灵感!灵感! 灵感来了!

For the pass few days, I have to do a summary of an article for my next ICA. The thing is, I don't understand half of the article! There's lots of different statistic findings and tables all over the place. It was until I read finish the whole thing that I realise only the last few pages are useful! Man, this is the hardest article (the second one, actually) I came across so far.

We have four secondary school student came to join us in our class for this week. Why are they here? Well, it's a program that thier school and mine came up with: to let the students expereince the misera-, I mean, the life of polytechnic students. It didn't affect us much though. We still behave the way we always do: a group of crazy poeple. Surprisingly, they thought were hard working, boring (we ARE hardworking, Study hard, play HARDER!!!) bunch of peeps until they see what we do at the back of the LT... I'm not gonna elaborate on that.

Yesterday, we're taught on how the dispense and serving medications. It brings back memories of the day's I was in the medical centre dispense room where I spend my time giving out many, cough mixtures, flu tablet, cream for foot rot, panadol, blah blah blah... Anyway, the lesson is very important because medication error is very common on the ward. But I can't concentrate because that Stupid JB kept disturbing and rest of the class and me. So I rolled up my workbook and whacked him on his head with it.


Stop it JB! Or else the next time I'll get the whole class' crepe bandages and mummified you with them. Keep in mind that we all use them to practice bandaging skill... Imagine the smell....


That evening, I went to attend the SO's concert, Sinfonia.

I feel the name of the concert and the programme booklet is nice. I actually dozed off while waitng for the concert to start. When I woke up, I found Jay Chou is sitting beside me!

Oh, it's just Vic. Shucks...

The whole Auditorim is fully seated sia... many of the people either have to stand or seat on the stairs and floor. I wonder if our upcoming concert will be like this...

As for my personal opinion, the concert is nice on the whole, but (there's always 'but') the String section are too soft because there too little String players and too many Brass and Woodwind players. furthermore, the String section were not playing for almost half of the concert. In the end, it's more like attending a concert band's performance, rather than a Symphony Orchestra.

Ok, that's all for now. Need to go do my drug card liao...


'It feels like 'Parish Nursing' all over again..'

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