Friday, November 24, 2006

TBIF *Updated entry for today*

Yes, it's TBIF instead of TGIF. 'cause I'm a buddhist what... So Thank Buddha It's Friday lor...

Today my class ends around 11am. By right, I can go home after that, but I decided to stay back to accompany Da, JB and SC for thier clinical practical test, which is around 2pm. Anyway, I got practice in the evening.

We spent our time in the practice lab, going through the procedures and drugs that may/or/definitely be coming out for the test. But toward the end, SC, JB and I are playing with our DSs (SC just bought her pink DS. Yes! Another fellow Gamer in the making!).

We've been chased out of the lab around 1.40pm by the technican. So we have to sit outside, along the corridor of the labs. While waiting, I'm sitting outside the lab blogging the first half of this entry while Da is beside me, peeping at me blogging while pretending to do last minute studying and SC walking up and down the corridor due to nervousness. JB was already sent to his doom, so he's not around disturbing me by the time I'm typing these entry.

Thank goodness I have my laptop keep me from dosing off.

Hail to campus-wide wireless!

After Da went in to take her test, I went to CO Room to charge my laptop as it's running low on battery. And I just stayed there until my practice starts.


I haven't been going home early since starting of this semster. When can I have a REAL BREAK!?!?!

Anyway, Congrats JB, SC and Da for passing your test! Now the rest of the class will have a higher moral and confidence.

And to Fi: Get well soon! Don't worry too much, you will be still as sweet as ever.

*We must forgive, but we shall never forget*

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