Sunday, June 03, 2007


Down with flu recently and it's the worse I had so far. It causes me two sleepless nights. I even have some sort of hallucination. On friday night, I have this sleepwalk-cum-nightmare thingy that made me felt like everything around me are messed up.

I remember standing in my living for a moment, feeling lost, confused and afraid, like I knew something terrible is gonna happen. Next thing I know, I'm in a place filled with red faces screaming and pulsating. It's after I went to the toilet then I snapped out of it. This experience leaves me feeling very tired for the rest of the Saturday.

Hmm... come to think of it, sounds like something out of Silent Hill.

Or maybe this is what Parasomia feels like.

Hahaha....... Not really funny.

But on the bright side, I didn't caught flu on monday. Or else I'll sure fail my clinical skill test. By the way, congrats to all my classmates for passing the test too!

Now I feel much better, but still a bit weak. I can't play the bass well today 'cause my hand keeps trembling.

Thanks for those who are concern 'bout me. Give me two more days and I'll be good as new!

If I'm really in Silent Hill, I wish I had a lightsabre with me... It'll be more fun cutting down the demons with it. Hahaha.... Yes, I'm sick.

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