Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reasons of why you should get a NDSL

Recently, quite a number of Peeps are asking me 'bout the Nintendo Dual Screen Lite (NDSL). So to answer thier queries, here's my opinions on why you should get a NDSL.

First of all, let's look at the pros and cons of owning a NDSL:

Light-weight (218 g)
Compact (133 mm × 73.9 mm × 21.5 mm)
Dual screen
Touch screen
Regional free
Wireless and internet gameplay
Built in microphone

Not multimedia (don't play MP3, video, etc by itself)
Graphics, sound and resolution are not as good as PSP
Maybe mistaken for a make up kit

So, for those who want a 'bao ga liao' gadget, please don't get NDSL. For those looking for fun, innovative and interactive gameplay, NDSL is definately a must to get. So what's so fun 'bout NDSL?

Imagine playing a Role Playing Game (RPG), then you want to use magic, instead of the usual way of selecting (using the Diectional pad plus other buttons), you can draw symbols or signs on the touch pad.

When playing Nintendogs (doggie version of Tamagochi), you are required to speak into the microphone to get the puppies do tricks and stuffs. You can make use of the stylus to pet the puppies, hold thier paws and even giving them belly rubs!

Here are some games that are innovative and interactive.

Lost Magic
Cooking Mama
Trauma Center
New Super Mario

I feel that NDSL is a great console for party games and it is more family orientated. It caters to Peeps who are new to the gaming world to casual gamers to hardcore gamers.

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