Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rise of a NDSL Clan?

Hi Peeps, I'm back! Sorry for the lack of updates. So what I am I up to recently?

CO practice, CO practice, CO practice, and more CO practice.

Yes, I have no life outside of my CCA. Man, my shoulder started to ache again...

Damo-kun bought a black DS Lite on Sunday and it sparked a interest in a few peeps in NYPCO. At 1st it's just Lin seems quites keen in the little black handheld console. So I went on telling her that advantages of owning a NDSL. Also, I demostrated to her some of the all-time favorite game of NDS and some special gameplay that are offer by it. Before I realised, I've 'psycho' quite some peeps into buying the console.

We even talked 'bout having regular DS gaming session in the future. Actually, I didn't intend to do any 'psycho'-ing. It just happened that Damo-kun wanna get some games from me and Lin happens to be there... and I'm in the mood to tell her the tons of fun I have with my dark blue NDSL.

Maybe I can open a game store if I decided to quit nursing in the future eh? Hahaha...

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