Monday, June 18, 2007

Karma, karma...

A few hours back, Xiu and I did a good and stupid thing.

After biding farewell to the Zheng Bro. Gang and thier 'Xiao Ehs' (girlfriends in Hokkien), we came arcoss the new fountian in Suntec. So we stay for a while and watched the mini music fountian ad took some pictures. As the crowd dissipate, we found a laptop bag beside the attraction. Inside is a HP notebook, complete with original Window XP installer disc and power cable.

After much struggling with our conscience (both of us strongly believe in Karma...), we decided to take the laptop to the informaton counter. Unfortunately, the counter is close. Slowly and unwillingly, we strolled back to looke for the security guard for help. the guard took us to their office to fill up some lost and found form.

As we proceed out of Suntec and climbed up the broke down escalator, a young man ran pass us. I got a felling that that was the person who left his notebook at the fountian and thought that he would probably come back when he couldn't find it. So we climbed down the escalator and head back to Suntec to look for that guy.

Truly enough, he's the bugger who left the laptop there. We directed him to the security room to claim back his posession, and then made our BACK to the broke down escalator towards the MRT station...

Fwah... Begin a good and honest citizen's sure tiring.

Along the way, Xiu told me how her brother would scold her for returning the notebook

"You stupid girl! You can use that computer yourself! Blah, Blah, Blah...."

I told her we did the right thing and that at least our conscience is clear, while feeling quite ‘不甘心’ myself too...



6 more days to Oz trip and I'm more exicted 'bout the food than the competition.

Oh yeah...

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