Monday, July 16, 2007

Fatigue and fustrations is my constant friends

For those who keep bugging me to blog, here it is

14 days after my Oz trip and I'm still feeling real tired. I still have one more test and presentation before my attachment. Yup, attachment again. While other school's student are having fun during holidays, I'll be at CDC, IMH and SGH nursing patients.


One more week before Mr Hu comes to conduct EVCO and I haven't finished practicing all the pieces! What's more, I don't think I have the stamina for the entire concert. Our concert is at the end of this month. Hope I can pull it off.

Something happened during last week and had Peeps discussing at Damo's blog (read more on his 22th July's entry). It may seems that we are constantly criticizing a particular individual (which we are), some may even think that we're just making a mountain out of a mole hill. However, our actions are not without valid reasons.

For any group or organization to function properly, each member have to do their part. No doubt that mistakes and hiccups will occur, it's important that we learn from them and not make the same errors again. If a person did not do or give the wrong information on his or her part, it will affect the all other people greatly. Precious time, manpower and efforts will be waste.

As for that individual, he has made one too many mistakes. Constant advice and chances had given to him, but there not much improvement seen from him. I understand that each person are different. Some are fast to grasp the situation, other need some time to adjust. However, not all situation have the time for adjustment.

I hope that he will REALLY learn from his mistakes for the sake of the masses and more importantly, for himself and his future. Keep apologizing will not solve any matter.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rui Xiang,

Totally agree with you. Mistakes are meant to be made on once. lOlx.

I hope he really learns, if not, he's just disappointing me.