Tuesday, July 03, 2007

To Sydney and back Part 1

Hello Peeps!

Finally, I'm back to my ever hot and humid Singapore. Already after getting outta the arrival hall, I started to sweat like nobody business.

One piece of bad news:


So there won't be much photos from me until I source from my friends and CO mates.


Anyway, the trip to Sydney is a fulfilling one. There's two reasons: First, NYPCO was rewarded Gold for the AIMF(Australia International Music Festival) competition. Second, I get to eat lots of good food there.

Other then feeling very happy (until some of the gals cried while embracing one another) we felt a sense of relieve as most of us spent tons of efforts in making the trip possible. Getting a gold reward has made all the hardships, frustrations and criticism worthwhile.

There was a time when people said
That NYPCO won't make it

But we did

There was a time when troubles

Seemed too much for us to take

But we did

We built a CO

Strong and free

Reaching out together

For music and harmony...

Sounds familiar eh? It the lyrics from the national song, We Are Singapore. The music just popped into my mind and I made some changes the the lyrics.


I did not enjoy good food all the time in Oz. The first few days in Sydney were terrible. We had to eat lousy Chinese food in a restaurant across our hotel. It's only when Mike and I meet up with Brandon (a good buddy of mine during my times in TP. It's been 5 years since I last met him and he didn't change much.) we get to eat REAL food. He took us to several places in Sydney that serves good and reasonable priced seafoods and pancakes. Compared to our tour guide, my buddy is 10 fold better than him.

On Sunday, we when to the Blue Mountains. The view there was breathtaking.

So is the wind over there.

I can feel the ice cold wind penetrating my body despite having worn 5 layers of clothings. My hands were numb before I can reached the Echo Point lookout.

View of the Blue Mountians

The name did not means that the mountains are really blue. It derives from the blue hue that caused by the rapid evaporation of the oils for the eucalyptus forest.

The 3 Sisters

The 3 Sister are famous rock fomation in the Blue Mountian. Legend says that three sisters were turned into stones by a witch doctor to protect them from certian danger.

Here's more photos taken at the place.

Me attempting to act cute along with Sherryl.

学姐 Amelia and I

Brothers in arms - HxP and I

大伟 and I

That's all for now. I'll blog more when I gotten the photos.

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