Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Sayuri!

Well, today is not really our Japanese friend's birthday. Her one had past a few days ago. But we still help her celebrate at Marina Square's Yaki Yuki. Not to waste food, we bought 2 tarts as a replacement for her birthday cake.

After our dinner, we went to Ministry of Food which located at the ground floor along with Kenny Roger's and Genki Sushi. The desserts there are quite nice, but Stuck Up complained that his Red Bean Paste with Japanese Glutinous Rice Balls are too sweet for him.

Sayuri came to Singapore to take a course on Chinese Language. However, her textbooks are China based. So some of the terms she learned does not use here. Ah Mui suggest that she should get some of the local textbooks. As we're enjoying the food, Stuckup attempted to translate the suggestion form from English to Chinese. The results was disastrous, but he manage to get everyone to laugh. Ah Miu told him to meet up with Sayuri in the weekdays to polish up his Chinese.

Maybe I should too. Hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Those IMPORTED Red Beans are too sweet for my liking. One Suggestion is to pour green tea into the red bean paste which will become Ocha Red Bean Paste (New Menu Item).

Wo de hua yu zhen de shi hen cha... Cha dao Chang er dou fei xia lai.

If I were to learn China based Chinese Language... The result will be:

Wo de hua yu er zhen de shi hen cha er... Cha dao Chang er dou fei xia lai er.

Stuck Up

Anonymous said...

Oie Stuck up... Like tt hor, I wppnt stop laughing at ur chinese!!!!
Too fake liao la...
The ppl from china speak very nice and smooth chinese...

I do agree, shld try to pour the green tea into the Red bean paste.
I tik shld be quite nice ba...
Next time we buy and you try ok?? Onzzz!!!!

Ah Mui

Anonymous said...

Why can't we just add water?


Anonymous said...

Adding water spoil the thickness of the paste la....

Regards Ah mui