Thursday, July 19, 2007

Surprise SC! Surprise to me!

All ICAs are over!!! No more presentations! No more role play!

Today, my efforts has paid off. After my group's presentation, we show a video clip of the whole class and our mentor wishing SC Happy Birthday. To my expectation, she cried throughout the video. After the clip, the lecturer ask the Birthday Girl to give a speech to the class.

I can't really make out what she say but it goes something like this: "I wanna tha---(sniff) you all for---(sniff). No one has made a vi---(sniff) for my birth---(sniff). Thank you s---(sniff) much... (sniff)(sniff)(sniff)"

Yes! Mission Accomplished.

After the whole commotion, Fi, Hid and the others stayed back to give SC her present. We bought her a pair of Converse sneakers, with ribbons as the shoe lace.

See how happy she was? Well, it feels great to make someone's day.

While I was slacking in the library after lunch with my dear classmates, I received a call from a good friend asking help from me. He asked me to stand-in for one of his practice today. Though I think that I'm not suitable for the job, I reluctantly agreed. He will not required my aid if he could find other alternative.

To my surprise, I have to take on more 'challenge' than we agreed on. Man, it was the slowest 3 hours I have yet to experience. As I'm not train in his field, I had to use what I know (and my knowledge for that field are very, very limited) of his and apply some of mine into the practice.

Yes, I have to somehow bluff my way through. Hahaha...

Though it's tough for me, it's still quite a fulfilling experience when the kid ask me when I'm coming back. Sadly it'll be a one-time-thing only... and I'll make sure it's the last.

No more bro, no more.

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