Sunday, September 17, 2006

From Kallang to Aljunied and beyond.

After my briefing at SGH in the morning. I meet up with DK at Kallang MRT station to look for a shop that specialize in selling all sorts of chairs. We're finding cheap bar stools for the Bassist to sit during practices and performances. The shop is located around Geylang Lor 3 to Lor 5.

Or so we thought.

After a long search around that area, we conclude that the place is not there. So we decided to walk towards Aljunied MRT station in hopes to find the shop.

By the time we reached Lor 21, we're exhausted. While we took a break, I went to see my 'Ah Gim' to seek for help. She told me that the shop is further down the road. After dragging ourselves to Lor 33, we finally locate the 'Chair Shop'

Here's the route we took to reach our destination:

We're like two idiots strolling aimlessly down Geylang lah!

As we're waiting for the approval to buy the chairs from KA. We started to talk to the boss about CO. As we're chit-chatting, the other owner there ask if we can perform for one of their event. Talk about luck (Gig = $$$)! I gave him MC's contact and told the shop's owner to contact him to discuss about the details.

I've no idea which are we: Dumb or downright lucky...

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