Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I felt a disturbance in the Exam Room...

First of all, here's the reply to one of my buddy's, CPL(NS) Lee, question:

What 'da pau' 'da pau'! F**K you understand!

For goodness sake, it's called Last Office or Care After Death!

You think what? Mac Donald's Home Delivery ar?

* Give one tight slap to the back of LTZJ's head *

Respect the Dead hor!

And I've learned the theory lah, but haven't encounter any. If you wanna see, I can 'da pau' you lo.


Today I'm not going to TP because I have to take the alternative exam paper ('cause I miss my previous one due to food poisoning. Damn the steamboat buffet shop in Geylang!). During the exam, there's this girl sitting beside me kept clearing her throat. Then, like it's contagious, others in the room start to do the same. I felt like standing up, take my cap and slap that girl's head.

Eh, come on la! Wanna clear your throat, don't clear so loudly la! Everytime when I almost thought of my answer, you cough. Then I forgot. Very frustrating leh.

After the paper, I went to N.Canteen to have my lunch. I order a can of 蛇草水 from then drink stall uncle to cool of my temper. He give me a bottle of the drink instead, saying it's a sample from the retailer and treat me. Now all my 'fire' are extinguished. Thanks Uncle! Hahaha...

After lunch, I went back home and play some mindless, fast pace, first person shooter game called 'Painkiller'.

Die you throat-clearing B***h!!!

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