Monday, September 25, 2006

Information Overload!!!

*Yawn* Finally back to home...

My first day in SGH has ended quite smoothly. In the morning, I was the first in my tutorial group to arrived. It's not that I'm very 'ga rang', it's because I overestimated my time to reach SGH from home. Hahaha...

Once everyone has arrived, our CI begun the orientation of the ward. At the first, I was eagerly scribbling down every words the CI said. But towards the end, we got so much information jammed into our brain that I gave up taking notes as I can't keep up with the pace. We end up spending the whole morning just to familiarize the the place. By this time, most of us are famished. At around 1.30pm, CI finally release us to have our lunch.

For the rest of the afternoon, we're to go to our respective ward and assist and observe the staff nurse and the senior on their work. JB was fooling around, and was scold by SC. JB commented that something like 'having fun with still young' and 'you been old'. This further ticked SC off and she gave him the 'black-face-enough-of-this-nonsense' look.

Here's a conversation I had with one of the client, let's call him 'Mr 6 Sense':

RX: Good afternoon Sir. I'm Student Nurse Ruixiang. Now I'm gonna take your pulse and blood pressure, ok?

Mr 6 Sense: Ok.

While taking BP...

Mr 6 Sense: You know how to read my BP?

RX: Yes Sir. I'll read it from the meter.

Mr 6 Sense: You're wrong. must use your head. My six sense tells me my BP is around 100/60.

RX: O...K... Sir.

After taking BP...

Mr 6 Sense: You young people , take this opportunity to learn.


Mr 6 Sense: You guys are here to learn your practical. Throw away your theory, they are useless.

RX: Right Sir...

Mr 6 Sense: Nowsaday, you young people are terrible. With my six sense ar, I can tell which person are......

Goes on lecturing us about life, women, telling us to migrate to Australia and MM, LKY...

Actually, he's not a very bad patient. He just need some young people to talk to, as he do not have any kids. But he has a very devoted and loving wife. (:

After attending to him, I went to the restroom to relief myself. I came across this device that is attached to the toilet seat. Outta curiosity, I turn the Dial on the side of the device. Suddenly, a jet of water came splashing on to me. I end up spending 10 mins to lean and dry off the wet patch on my uniform. Later I learn that the device is for the people to clean their a**hole after doing business. WFT! At least I don't smell like s**t. Hahahaha...

We went to visit JB's Mom after work and she ask me if this is my second job change. Wah Sia... Do I look so old?!?!? Must be me being fat and balding. *Sigh* After the visit, JB suggest taking the shuttle bus. We walk all the way to the bus stop, only to find a long queue.

"Long queue meh?" JB said.

SC decided to walk back to the MRT Station instead as the queue is too long. I swear SC and I would have twist JB's head off his neck if not for us being too tried from all the standing walking around in the ward.

Eh! Still got the Cheek to say 'long queue meh?' Slap your head then you know ar, JB!

~ Life is not a waste, the only time we waste is the time we think we are alone. ~

From the 'Blue Man' in 'The Five People you Meet in Heaven'

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