Tuesday, September 19, 2006

RX and Stitches

I've been assigned to the wound care department today. At first the Staff nurse give my a feeling that she's very fierce. But after some chatting with her, she's quite friendly. The first patient that came in has a surgery stitches along his stomach. He came here to get his wound clean up. That's not too bad, I thought.

Then came the second patient.

She had her right big toe removed due to diabetes. But her wound is almost healed, so it's still ok.

Then came the third patient.

This time, the patient has the same condition as the previous patient. Only that he had his big toe removed recently... Can see the flesh and the bone very clearly

Then came a patient with a deep hole at hes left shin.

Another with a long zig-zag stitch that oozing out blood.

Then another with 50 cent size wound on the feet.

Then another, then another, then another...

On the way the lunch...

RX: So, how's the counseling room?

PL: Boring lah! I almost fall asleep lor. How's things in the wound dressing room?

RX: I've seen patient with amputated big toe.

PL: EEeeee....!

RX: Got one even has his tarsals removed.

PL: Eeeewww...!

RX: Then there's another with long zig-zag stitch that oozing out blood.


RX: Why?

PL: I see this kind of things will faint one... Later the staff nurse need to attend to me and the patient... Hahaha...

Well, good luck to you, PL when you go wound dressing department. Hahahaha...

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