Monday, September 18, 2006

In a few hours' time, I'll be heading towards TP for my first attachment. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with no surprises... I had my fair share of surprise last weekend.

This morning I came across a few old pictures when I'm 'cleaning up' my old hard disk. They bring back some good memories I had in EVCO in the past few years. So I decided to upload them to my photo album. Let's pray that I won't be kill by those people that are in those goofy pictures.

I have be think about the past quite often recently. Miss those times when many of my clicks in EVCO are still there. We did tons of fun and spastic stuff together.

But everyone grows up.

Some started to work, some went overseas to studies.

Many left.

At times I feel that I'm the only one who lags back. Everyone went on with their lives and I'm still remains where I've started.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still playing music.

Is it because I still have the passion?

Or it has become a routine, an everyday-life thing for me?

Whatever it is, life goes on.

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