Sunday, October 01, 2006

One week past, one week more to go.

It's been a interesting week for me. I've been more like a maid then a nurse. Besides taking patients' parameters, I've fed them, made their bed, bath them, change and wear clothes for them when they can't do it themselves. I even cleared their pee and s**t, clean their a***hole when they s**t.

Maybe I can consider becoming a housekeeper in a hotel if I can't become a nurse for what-so-ever reason. Hahaha...

Remember 'Mr 6 Sense form my previous entry? Apparently, he has been in the ward for quite some time already. The staff nurses called him 'the King'. He'll say whatever he wants and eat whatever he wants and he doesn't listen to our advice. Lots of the student nurses has been scolded by him too. He would criticized us for not 'carrying our own balls'. 'Every little things need to consult the staff nurse, you guys have no guts!' he says.

Right, it's not your career that's on the line.

As if that's not enough for him, he even criticized my name! 'Why is your name spelled that way? You guys don't know what you're doing.' My first name are spelled together instead of being apart (Ruixiang, instead of Rui Xiang). What's wrong with that!?!?! By this time, I've lost some of my patience with him, but I can't lose my temper on him due to professionalism. Hahaha... So I have to endure all the crap he said to me. My colleagues told me not to take it to heart.

They are right.

In the end, who's the one who can't move and feed himself, eh? Once when he transfers to home, he won't have the VIP treatment he has now.


I know, I know. It's not very nice for me to say that. But I never say I'm a nice guy what. Besides, I need a place to vent my anger... Fortunately, not all patients are like him. Some are very nice. They keep thanking me for helping them, which makes my day better.

One week past, one more week to go!

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