Saturday, October 14, 2006

Until next time, my friend...

Finally back to my messy, yet cozy bedroom-cum-dinning room-cum-study room. Last night, I spent my time in the airport with Ash, BX and Lin to finish up with the collage for Lou. She had migrate to the States. I had three cups of coffee and I can feel my hands a shaking a bit.

Although I'm not very close to her, but I'll sure miss her when she's not around. So are my other classmates. See her go makes me envy her. Will I have so many friends seeing me off if it was me whose going oversea? Many of her friends came to sent her off and boy, there are lots of hugging and tears as Lou were about the enter the departure hall.

No, I didn't cry ok... Just... morning sinus... *sniff*

After all that, I went back to school practice. Man, I feel really stone lah! After practice, there still spring cleaning for the CO rooms!


Here's a collage done by Ash:


Until next tme my friend! For now, take care and wish you all the best in everthing you do.

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