Friday, October 06, 2006

A Hazy Conclusion

Finally! The ordeal has ended.

The went by quite smoothly, though I've also attained the title of 'Royal Massager' for 'His Majesty'. Yesterday he had a very heated quarrel with his wife. Looks like even his wife has reached her limits.
Heck, every staffs in the ward are reaching their limits on him. After all the student nurses are gone, the staffs there will have tougher times as they have lesser hand to help them.

All the best to you peeps!!!

After me and my school mates left the hospital, we decided to take the picture of the SGH's museum.


As you can see, there's a slight aura surrounding the clock tower due to the haze. We thought that we were at Genting sia... Only that is much more hotter and humid. Welcome to GGH(Genting General Hospital)!


The haze gets worse when Val and I reach the bus stop.


The haze is so bad that we could only see the red logo of the OUB building. We decided to take the train instead as the air was too bad for us to stay at the bus stop any longer. On the train, Val and I talked about the last day spent in our wards. She wish that all her patients will get well soon and that she's gonna miss them too. I shared the same feelings of her, accept that I won't be missing them...

Okay, okay. Maybe a little.

The haze is everywhere!!! After I got off at Boon Keng MRT station, I can feel my eyes and throat are getting dry.


I can't even see the opposite building clearly! By the time I reached home, it even worse!!!


Actually, the weather here is the same as Boon Keng. It's just my phone's camera is out of focus. Hahaha...

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