Friday, October 06, 2006

Hospital 'burns' my Lantern Festival!

All right...! Today is my last day of my hospital attachment!

By 2100 hours, my job as a student nurse/maid/cook/runner is over... For now. At least there will not be anymore 'Lim, give me orange juice', 'Lim, give me my Hi-chew', 'Lim, give me my Ensure', 'Lim, apply cream to my back', 'Lim,shit you!'. My final word for you, 'Your Majesty':

Enjoy while it last!

This is my first Lantern festival spend in the hospital. Usually I'll go around burning little kids' paper lantern or set the playgrounds on fire, thinking the its a very big camp fire. Instead, I'll 'burn' my time taking care of the patients. I don't really mind actually as I've still have my classmates with me. Furthermore, I've get to be friend with some of the patients.

Last night while on my way back home after work, my friend and I stopped by at china town to get some pictures of the lantern display that are set up along the main road.

Here's some pictures I've took:






Nice eh? I bet they will make a real nice camp fire. Hahaha....

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