Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Behold, China's pride... or is it?

It's been a long day for me... After my TP's make up attachment, I head back to school for my CCA. Guess what I found?


No, it not some artistic sculpture. Here, you're are looking at the alternative answer to Chinese Orchestra's bass section (and by-products of China's ego): The Ge Hu (革胡)and Bass Ge Hu (低音革胡)!


Below is the Ge Hu and it's playing position:




Oh by the way, the model is Edwin. Thanks man.

Next is the Bass Ge Hu:



Here, I tried to play the Bass Ge Hu:


There's something wrong with the picture above. Firstly, I'm holding a German Bow using the French bow method. Secondly, The Bass Ge Hu is a bit too low for me. Lastly, I'm in the picture! Man... Do I looked fat or what? Wait, I am fat! Hahaha... *Laughing loudly while rubbing his own belly*

The Bass Ge Hu is almost identical to Ge Hu, only larger. Compare the two to Cello and Double Bass, Ge Hu and Bass Ge Hu sound softer and muffed. Imagine a Cello or Double Bass having a nose block. Hahaha... It very difficult to handle the take care of the instrument too, as they're bulky and heavy. The good point about Ge Hu and Bass Ge Hu is their sounds bland well with the rest of the Chinese Orchestra's Instrument.

After the practice, Ape-Man DK tried to steal the Bass Ge Hu!


Ah Ha! Caught you in the act! Oui! Put down the instrument, or else no bananas for you for 1 week!

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